Real Estate is well known to be a tough business to be successful in. Most of the successful realtors have devoted themselves to becoming the best commodity in the business by maintaining their charisma, building their communication skills, and mastering the art of negotiation, among many other factors. If you’re looking to be one the best realtors out there you need to read one and learn what it takes to be part of the top sellers by having these traits of successful realtors:

Put your Game Face on


In the battlefield that is real estate, first impressions last. That’s why real estate agents should always mind how they look, and they should groom themselves in such a way that they can easily attract the attention of their target customer. If you’re wondering why the successful real estate agents come to every meeting wearing their best tailored suits and brightest smile, it’s because it is actually part of their professional investment so that they can sell their properties.

Project Developers and Sellers put a lot of value onto their properties and have worked hard to prepare their lot for a showing. They want, and need, a realtor who always puts their best foot forward every time. An agent with flair exudes confidence and makes prospective buyers feel at ease. This way, prospective buyers get the impression that their agent would not list a home that was not an excellent buy.

Learn how to Communicate well

As a property seller or buyer, it can be stressful dealing with an agent who’s not a great communicator.

The real estate market is time sensitive, so you need an agent who will let you know quickly where you stand with your current buying or selling situation. In doing so, you can move on quickly to another property or potential buyer. Most importantly, a good real estate agent should be easy to reach; he or she should be accessible through phone, social media, email, or any other platforms possible.

Then again, one of the biggest frustrations for potential client is a lack of communication from their agent. It’s of high importance that agents stay in constant communication with their clients and customers. What seems like insignificant information to an agent who’s been in the business for years can be really important to clients who are new to the real estate game.

Use Technology to your Advantage


An agent who can use technology with ease is able to be more up-to-date in the market of the area. More knowledge, more visibility. Thus, more sales! You have to have access to a lot of news, magazines, and other things related to social media so that you can keep up with the trends and current events. This information can help you in ways you can’t imagine; like how to talk to different kinds of people, how to use current events to sell a property or lower the selling price (if you’re buying), and many more useful conversational techniques.

Informed and knowledgeable agents also tend to be more confident. They are likely to be more organized, approachable and excited to do their business. These are all the traits a viable client wants from an agent.

Bring out the Creative within

Having a huge bank of creativity is a trait that realtors often overlook. The thing is that knowing how to think outside the box helps a lot for a real estate agent to be successful. Creative marketing of products and resourceful problem solving solutions are good core values that real estate agents should have.

Creative professionals know how to target and capture the best potential clients. For example, if a real estate agent is buying, he’ll post something like “We buy houses fast and pay cash” to attract potential sellers. He can then sweeten up the deal when he gets the client as they begin the “talking phase”.

When listing a home in a buyer’s market, you need a realtor who lets their creative juices flow and is willing to bend or break some of the traditional rules of marketing. On the other hand, when searching for a home, you need a realtor who can find creative solutions to your needs, whether it be finding the best deal for a particular property or resolving a possible disastrous issue when everything else is already set and ready to roll.

Be Aggressive but Polite

The best realtor is not afraid to speak up. He or she should be just as promotional of the seller’s home as they would their own.

By being aggressive, the realtor tends to work hard to put the home on the forefront of the local market. Then again, it’s still important to keep your politeness intact. You don’t want your customers to get the wrong message and ditch you just because you’re being too passionate to sell.


It is also important to know that sellers want an agent that is tenacious. They follow up quickly after every time the home is shown. They come across as the expert in the field, and that brings comfort to everyone involved.

Know the ins and outs of the Locale

Location, location, location. This has been tied to the real estate business for so long that it almost became a cliché. Then again, location alone can sell a lot of real estate. This is why you should be knowledgeable about the locale of the property you’re selling; you should know the local pricing of other properties in the area, the ins and outs of the location of the property, and any other unspoken amenities such as proximity to the gym or nearby café and disclose it to your customer.

You can then use all of this information to your advantage.

Also, it would be extremely helpful if you can give out some bonus to your client – something that is inherently within the property that you’re selling. It pays to do your homework and to tap local resources to determine which areas are hot now and, more importantly, which ones will be hot in the future. Much of the information is out there and ready for the taking. You just have to be willing to do the leg work.

Also, if you’re buying a property, you have the upper hand if you know more about the locale than your seller. You can tip the scales to your favor – like demanding a lower price or added amenities – if you know the situation of the property based on where it is.

Master the Art of Negotiation

Negotiation as an Art emphasizes that there has to be one winner and one loser. Surely, the goal of negotiation is for you to get what you want for the lowest price that you can possible get, but the best deals can only stick if terms and ideas are incorporated from both parties.


During negotiation, the best realtors have mastered the power of words. Words or phrases that leave ambiguity may signal that a party is open to a given proposal. You can look specifically for words such as “can”, “possibly”, “perhaps”, “maybe” or “acceptable”. Also, if the party uses a phrase such as “anxiously awaiting your reply” or “looking forward to it”, this may be a signal that the party is enthusiastic and/or optimistic that an agreement may soon be reached.

When the opposing party makes an initial offer or a counter proposal, see if you can incorporate some of those ideas with your own. If compromise on a particular issue is not possible, propose alternatives that you think would be favorable to both parties.